I hope that you are familiar with the component system in React and already have some basic knowledge of React. Routing will basically help us to traverse between different components or different paths of an application when a user clicks a particular URL or any clickable element like a button or icon is clicked.

React Router is extremely helpful when there are multiple pages in your web application and a lot of transition is taking place in your project.

Generally routing is used in large scale projects but you can use them in small projects as well to make the…

Tips on writing essays and application procedure.

Missing this opportunity in my first year is something I still regret and I wish to guide the next eligible batch by explaining the application procedure and tips for essays.

What is Generation Google Scholarship?

It was previously known as the Google Women Techmakers Scholarship and women students in the first and second year can apply for it. It mainly aims at the upliftment of underrepresented groups and empowers girl students at an early age so that they can be leaders for tomorrow.

Eligibility(Asia Pacific):

  • Identify as female
  • Currently, be enrolled at an…

A simplified version of probably the most important hook in react

Before reading this article it is very important that you should have a basic knowledge of React and how to run a react app on your laptop. If you do not know that, I will recommend reading my article on getting started with React so that you have the basic setup ready.

Learn to use useState in your functional components.

Few facts about React Hooks:

📌 React hooks can only be used in functional components because class components have their own way of doing what react hooks do.

📌React hooks cannot be called conditionally they should always be put in exact same order as you want them to be called for example.

function App(){if(true){useState()}

Now the above code will give an error as “React Hook useState is called conditionally”. …

All basic information about React and the advantages of using React.

React JS is an Open Source JavaScript library that is very widely used for making user interfaces for single-page web applications. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of huge developers. The component-based architecture of React sets it apart from all the other frameworks. Earlier this type of architecture was only available to languages like Java and C#.

Prerequisites: Little bit of prior knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

React is used by well-established companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram and many other newly started companies. React allows changing data without reloading the particular page.


1: JSX

First year? sounds exciting right 🤩 but if you want your life to be as exciting as your first year is going to be it is very important that you should follow a road map from today itself.

confused about how to start? do not worry we have got you covered!

Let me guess 🤔 if you are reading this then most probably you have joined VIT or you are in your first year. In both the cases I’d like to welcome you to this amazing place, from here on life is going to be a roller coaster for you but one thing I can assure is that at the end of the…

A detailed description of how to get started with Flutter.

We have got en number of questions asking what is Flutter and why Flutter.

Today I will be answering all the frequently asked questions and I hope by the end of this article all of you will understand why Flutter is the need of the hour and why is it so important for you to learn Flutter.

What is Flutter❓

So, first let me clear it out Flutter is not a language. Flutter is an open-source Google’s UI tool kit for building applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. …

Recently I realized that all of us often ponder around and listen to various people for inspiration and some motivation in life but what we often forget is life and nature can teach us what no human being can.

responds to MARIO

So since the time lockdown started we all know that street animals have been suffering the most.Since most people are indoors hardly anyone bothers to go out and feed the stray dogs or any other street animal.Not blaming anyone for this because let’s be practical even I do not go out everyday to feed the animals.

One day this street dog came and started staying on the ground floor on daily basis.My family saw that he was starving badly so we decided to pet him and started feeding him daily.We named him PINTU.

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