My Dogs Taught Me a Life Lesson

Recently I realized that all of us often ponder around and listen to various people for inspiration and some motivation in life but what we often forget is life and nature can teach us what no human being can.

responds to MARIO

So since the time lockdown started we all know that street animals have been suffering the most.Since most people are indoors hardly anyone bothers to go out and feed the stray dogs or any other street animal.Not blaming anyone for this because let’s be practical even I do not go out everyday to feed the animals.

One day this street dog came and started staying on the ground floor on daily basis.My family saw that he was starving badly so we decided to pet him and started feeding him daily.We named him PINTU.

responds to PINTU

It had been almost a month since we started feeding Pintu until one day we realized that Pintu not only stays on the ground floor of our building but can also help save my dog’s life.

It was a normal day and like every evening I went out to take Mario for a walk and Pintu had made it a routine to come along with me and Mario in the evening.Sometimes I used to hate him for doing so because he behaved like a jealous brother when ever I loved Mario or picked Mario up.All three of us were walking when suddenly a group of stray dogs came and started barking at Mario.All of them were double or maybe triple as compared to Mario’s size and I was numb at that point of time.Imagine getting surrounded by wild dogs with a baby with you.

I knew at that point of time that no one can save us now,even if I run I can’t be saved.Those dogs started coming towards us when Pintu pounced upon them and guarded us.He stood infront of us like a wall and started barking at the dogs.I was at a loss of words at that point of time I could not believe that a dog whom I disliked and did not treat equally to my own dog,was risking his own life because of us.I was standing still when suddenly I felt a jerk in my hand.That Jerk was given by Mario.He wanted me to leave him so that he can support Pintu.That day I heard Mario bark after about two months.He was small but his anger knew no bounds.He was ready to die for his friend Pintu.

I immediately called my parents and then the local people came and rescued us.Pintu was hurt and had scratch marks all over his body.I realized the true meaning of friendship at that point of time.Friendship and loyalty does not depend upon how long you have known a person or what has the person done for you.We need more selfless people around us.

How many of you would have done the same for your friend you knew around thirty days back?

Even my answer at that point of time was a NO.

We all should understand friendship doesn’t come with rules and regulations.Loyalty cannot be categorized based upon the conditions.We should always stand with each other during tough times because you never know when you might need some one’s help.

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